Monday, June 18, 2012

CSAJ Essay Contest 2012

Cambodian Students Association in Japan (CSAJ) would like to announce our annual Essay Contest for the year 2012. The CSAJ Essay Contest aims to further engage Cambodian youth on issues of social and personal development and allow them to voice their concerns and solutions publicly. Please click Here for more information.
We would like to hear your views on one of the following questions:
  1. What is your dream? And what kind of problems have you faced to come to where you are nowadays? How have you resolved those problems and planned to realize your dream?
  2. Why volunteering matters in social development in Cambodia? Justify and support your points of view using specific examples, case study or personal experiences.
  3. Does ASEAN community matter to you as an individual? Why or why not? Justify your standpoint. 
  1. CSAJ Essay is open exclusively to high school/university students in Cambodia.
  2. Participants must not be over 23 years of age as of August 25th, 2012
  3. Must be Cambodian national residing in Cambodia.
  4. Previous contest winners are not eligible to apply.
How To Submit:
Submit your essay by July 31st, 2012 and send it to Please write ‘2012 CSAJ Essay Contest’ in the subject line, no later than 5:00 PM.


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