Saturday, July 23, 2011

UC Speech and Debate Society Elections

By No Sophearith

On June 4, the University of Cambodia Speech and Debate Society (UCSDS) held its election at the University of Cambodia (UC). Seven candidates ran for office, and 44 members of UCSDS voted in the election. Dr. Angus Munro, Vice President for Academics, Por Malis, Vice President for Operations, and Gina Lopez, Advisor for UCSDS and Associate Dean for the College of Management, also attended the election.
The newly elected officers expressed their commitment to UCSDS and posed for pictures with Executive
Team members, Associate Dean Gina Lopez, Vice President of Academics Dr. Angus Munro, and Vice President of
Operations Por Malis.
At the start of the election meeting, the candidates had a few minutes to speak about their commitment and experience. The members then voted for the candidates. All ballots were tallied immediately at the front of the room.

The following candidates were elected to serve as UCSDS Officers: Ieng Chankreusna,
President; Pech Sophealeak, First Vice President for Program Development; Phlook Radet, Second Vice President for Administration; Nhan Socheata, Treasurer; and Kong Nary, Secretary.

Dr. Munro said that he was happy about the achievements of UCSDS. He expressed his appreciation to the senior members for having run the debate club for two years. Por Malis said she was very pleased that the debate club was re-established and had new ideas. She also stated that UC will allocate a budget for the student organization and provide meeting rooms, as well as access to an office with a computer and other supplies after the move to the new campus.

“I plan to lead UCSDS to. . .success. . .which means I will try to bring all new knowledge and experiences to UCSDS, [and] make sure that all UC students, especially those in UCSDS, can benefit,” said Chankreusna.

UCSDS members after the election
Chankreusna and the other newly elected officers also plan to host four main projects: a speech competition, debate competition, consulting clinic, and speaking show. They hope these projects will attract more UC students to join the club and will help students improve their speech and debate skills.

“My last goal and my last dream is that I want to see my members compete outside [of UC] with other [university students], and they will be the best and will be the ones who can get first place,” said Chankreusna.

UCSDS was established to strengthen UC students’ public speaking and debate skills. The student organization is officially recognized and supported by UC, and was formerly known as the UC Debate Club (UCDC).

Source: UC Bulletin June 2011, Page 19

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