75. Writing Alliance Lectures Basic Article Writing to Students (Chhay Daroth)

74. WSD-AEF Distinguished Lecture Series with Ambassador Sichan Siv (Peter Tan Keo and Chhay Daroth)
73. UC and U.S. Embassy Host Lecture on Global Entrepreneurship Week (San Boromeichan)
72. UC Welcomes New Associate Dean of the College of SocialSciences (No Sophearith)
71. UC and PHD Celebrate the 16 Days of Action and White Ribbon Campaign (No Sophearith)
70. UCSS Officers Elected for 6th Mandate (Chhay Daroth)
69. UCSS Hosts Seminar on the “7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students” (Yim Samedy)
68. UCStudents Host “ASEAN Fun-Run: We Run for a Green Space” (Mom Sary)
67. UC Students Win Debate Competition Hosted byCambodian Red Cross (No Sophearith)
66. UCSDS Hosts PresentationSkills Contest (Ieng Chankreusna and Pech Sophealeak)
65. UC Students join the New Program“Proverb and Life” on SEATV (No Sophearith) 
64. UC Cambodian Red Cross Youth Help Deliver Donations to Flood Victims (Sann Sethvitou)
63. UCCRCY Boosts Spirit of Volunteerism (Sann Sethvitou)
62. Writing Alliance Volunteers Host a Resume and Cover Letter Workshop (San Boromeichan)

61. UC Offers Samdech Techo Hun Sen-Handa Vision-100Scholarships (Nguon Setha)
60. HowLeaders should Build Relationships from the Bottom-ups (Chen Reaksmey)
59. AFD Celebrates Graduation Ceremony (Chhay Daroth)
58. 10th CES Graduation Ceremony (Nguon Setha)
57. UC Hosts Award Ceremony for English Writing Scholarship Competition 2011 (Nguon Setha)
56. Celebrating Preah Vihear Temple’s Third Anniversary as a World Heritage Site (Chhay Daroth)
55. UC Student Forum with Associate Professor Katherine Marshall “How to Get the Most of University Education” (Chhay Daroth)
54. CMA Presents on Microfinance Labor Market in Cambodia (Chhay Daroth)
53. Ohio University Doctoral Candidate Serves as Paul Heng Fellow at UC (Tim Vutha)
52. Our Efforts to Promote a Humanitarian Society: Red Cross Youth Organization Established at UC (Chhay Daroth)
51.  Students Hold Cambodia-Thailand Mock Bilateral Meeting at UC
 (San Boromeichan)
50. UCSDS Students Compete in TVK Debate Competition (No Sophearith)
49. UC Students Join a Discussionabout the Tourism Sector in Cambodia Chhay Daroth)
48. UCSDS Hosts Mini-Competition atUC (Ieng Chankreusna)
47. Six UC Students Attend 2nd Youth Summer Camp 2011 (Chhay Daroth)
46. Students Participate in Launch Event for UNDP Report on Human Capital (Lim Nguon)
45. StudentsAttend PHD Training (Yon Phanith)
44. Students Attend Cambodia Human Development Report 2011Ceremony (Chhay Daroth)
43. Sermonon Virtues of Parents (Chhay Daroth)
42. StudentWins Scholarship to Pursue Master’s Degree in China (Sok Lak)
41. StudentsVisit Clinic for PHD Training (No Sophearith)
40. StudentWins Scholarship to Study Abroad in France (San Boromeichan)

39. University of Cambodia Celebrates Khmer New Year (Yon Phanith)
38. International Arts Festival 2011 (Tim Vutha)
37. UC Students Attend the ASEAN-China Youth Leaders’ Symposium (Chhay Daroth)
36. 87 Students Graduate from AFY Program (Tim Vutha)
35. Students Visit Initial Hearing in Case 002 (Chhay Daroth)
34. Handa Scholarship Winners Visit UC (Kong Vong Seith Sothy)
33. Celebrating World Environment Day (Mom Sary)
32. Students conduct a 5S Training Workshop (Nara Sokhema, with additional contributions from Associate Dean Gina Lopez)
31. American Exchange Students Study at UC (San Boromeichan)
30. PHD Collaborates with UC to Host Five Health Training Workshops on HIV/AIDS (Yon Phanith)
29. Using ICT to Stop Domestic Violence (Mom Sary)
28. “Building a Better Future for Youth” (Tim Vutha)
27. UC Students Volunteer to Help the Environment: “Let’s Do It! Cambodia” (Nara Sokhema)
26. 10th ASEAN Taekwondo Championship (Chhay Daroth)
25. Teaching Project Management Skills and Instilling a Commitment to Service (No Sophearith)
24. UCSS Distributes Donations to Orphanages (Chhay Daroth)
23. “Life and Study” Student Radio Talk Show (Chhay Daroth)
22. UC Student Wins First Place at Education Peace Art Competition 2011 (San Boromeichan)
21. Writing Alliance Helps Students to Polish Writing and Prepare for Future Careers (Chrin Samvisal)
20. UC Speech and Debate Society Elections (No Sophearith)
19. UC Students and Exchange Students Explore Cambodian History and Culture (Lim Nguon)
18. Scholarship Winners Study Abroad at Payap (Chrin Samvisal)
17. Students Win SUSI Scholarships to Study Environmental Issues in the US (Nara Sokhema)
16. Student Wins Global UGRAD Program to US (Nara Sokhema) 
15. Study Trip Teaches About Khmer Culture and Ethnic Minorities (Sok Lak)
14. Two UC Students Selected to Attend ASEAN Peoples’ Forum 2011 (Lim Nguon)
13. Student Participates in Cambodia-Vietnam Exchange Program (Tim Vutha)

12. Women's Barriers to Politics (Tim Vutha, Sen Sopheara, Long Gheklourng)
11. UC Students Meet with HUE Students in Cambodia International Exchange Project (Chhay Daroth)
10. Tips on How to Get an International Scholarship (Chrin Samvisal)
9. UC Students's Study Abroad Experiences (Chrin Samvisal)
8. 100th Anniversay of International Women’s Day: By Helping Women, Youth Help Themselves and Society” (Chhay Daroth)
7. Support the UC Football Team (Nguon Setha and Sok Lak)
6. UC Speech and Debate Society Launched (Cheng Reaksmey)
5. UC Students Win Youth Debate Forum on Gender Equity Issues (Chhay Daroth)
4. Legal Advocacy Skills Workshop (Ing Veasn)
3. UC Forum for Young Leaders (Tim Vutha)
2. PHD Hosts Training Course at UC (You Phanith)
1. Staying Connected Through the UC Alumni Association (Nguon Setha)