Monday, July 18, 2011

UC Students Meet with HUE Students in Cambodia International Exchange Project

By Chhay Daroth

Eleven University of Cambodia (UC) students, led by Chanty PiEleven University of Cambodia (UC) students, led by Chanty Pisal, President of UC Student Senate (UCSS), had a meeting to discuss a book project with five students from Hiroshima University of Economics (HUE) on March 9 at UC. The HUE students were led by Professor Kawamura Kenichi, Professor of Risk Management at HUE.

The purpose of the discussion was to verify and provide feedback on the book Creating Chances, which was written by the students from HUE. In addition, the Japanese students sought suggestions on how to attract more Cambodian students to read the book, which was specifically written for young Cambodian students in secondary school. The HUE students designed the book to help young Cambodian students better understand the history, culture, and development of Japan, and compare it to their own experiences here.

Professor Kawamura compared the situation in Japan roughly 60 years ago with the situation in Cambodia during the last 30 years. He said that Japan was a very poor country 60 years ago because it had just gotten out of World War II. However, Japan has developed quickly since then because of many factors. This is one main point that Professor Kawamura and his students want to emphasize in the book.

Tomomi Nishikawa, President of the project and a HUE student, explained during the meeting that during her last mission in Cambodia, she saw that many young students in the provinces have insufficient books to read and research. As a result, she and her group came up with the idea of creating this book and distributing it for free to these students.

At the end of the meeting, Professor Kawamura expressed that he wanted to keep a close relationship with UC students, and that he is exploring opportunities for UC students to study abroad in an exchange program at HUE with Peter Tan Keo, Vice President for Strategy, Development, and International Cooperation (SDIC) at UC. Professor Kawamura is also interested in exploring opportunities for HUE students to study abroad in Cambodia.

“Let’s study about Japan,” he said. “Let’s think about Cambodia.”

This meeting is a part of an on-going collaboration between UC students and HUE students, which was initiated by Lim Houng, a College of Law student at UC, who also translated Creating Chances from Japanese into the Khmer language. She and her uncle, Sok Ty, an official of the International Cooperation Office at the Ministry of Tourism, translated the discussion between the two groups of students. The last meeting between UC students and HUE students was in September 2010.

Source: UC Bulletin March 2011, Page 24

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