Monday, August 1, 2011

Using ICT to Stop Domestic Violence

By Mom Sary

Three representatives from People Health Development (PHD) Association hosted a workshop at the University of Cambodia (UC) on how to use technology to help stop violence against women. Fifteen UC students attended the workshop on March 26, along with a few UC officials. UC is one of PHD’s ten university partners.

This year’s campaign was entitled, “Using Information Communication Technology (ICT) to Stop Domestic Violence Against Women.” The campaign encouraged people to use the Internet to discuss and share information on how to promote gender equality, and how to prevent discrimination against women and domestic violence.

Project staff member Khan Vansengheng presented at UC on how the youth can help stop violence again women using ICT. According to Mr. Vansengheng, the objectives of the workshop were to reduce domestic violence against women through ICT; provide ICT knowledge to students; provide health information to PHD’s university partners; increase youth participation, especially that of males, in enhancing women and children’s rights; and promote awareness of gender equality and equity and health issues among Cambodian youth.

Everyone can help to prevent and end domestic violence, not just the youth or university partners. People can commit to being nonviolent against women and children, and they can speak up against domestic violence, to name a few examples.

This workshop was a part of the “Cambodia: 16 Days Campaign Against Violence on Women,” which began in 2000. The event is held every year to promote awareness about preventing domestic violence, and to promote gender equality and equity.

Source: UC Bulletin June 2011, Page 11

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