Monday, August 1, 2011

87 Students Graduate from AFY Program

By Tim Vutha

On April 10, the University of Cambodia (UC) granted Academic Foundation Year (AFY) certificates to 87 students who have graduated from the AFY Program. The program requires that students successfully complete ten courses, two major subjects and eight general knowledge studies courses, over the duration of two semesters. After students complete the AFY program, they can start their academic courses at the University.

Members of the UC Executive Team posed with graduates from the AFY program after the ceremony.
Once students successfully complete the foundation-year courses, they can enjoy the full privilege of course selections based on their individual preferences and talents to complete their degrees, said Dr. Angus Munro, Vice President for Academic Affairs, during his speech at the graduation ceremony.

Dr. Munro also offered graduates advice on how to be successful academic students and how to improve their individual academic performances.

“As university student, you have to be self-organized, respect the school regulations, be responsible for completing assignments, and comply with the attendance policy and the exam procedure,” he said.

Dr. Y Ratana, Dean for Undergraduate Studies Division and Director of AFD, and Dr. Angus Munro, Vice President for Academics, presented the certificates during the graduation ceremony.
Dr. Y Ratana, Director of the Academic Foundation Department (AFD) and Dean of Undergraduate Studies Division, highlighted the importance of the program during the ceremony.

“The Foundation-Year [program], which is initiated by the government, . . .can ensure the standard of first year education in academia. Students who hold the foundation year certificate are legitimately allowed to transfer from UC to study in another university or vice-versa, which marks the same quality standard,” said Dr. Y Ratana.

In addition, twenty outstanding graduates from the AFY program were presented with honorary certificates for earning an average grade of “B+” or above.

Prior to entering the AFD program at UC, students must pass an English proficiency test or successfully complete courses at the Center for English Studies (CES) so they can fully participate in and benefit from their courses, which are all conducted in English at UC.

Source: UC Bulletin June 2011, Page 7

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