Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rabbit Chosen as University Mascot

The student body has spoken and the new representative of The University of Cambodia has been voted into offi ce – fi guratively speaking. After a contest to search for a university mascot, the students of UC voted to have the rabbit, an idea submitted by No Sophearith, Sao Phol Reaseh and Ly Sovandara, to serve as symbol of UC.

Encompassing the ideals of knowledge, wisdom and justice, the rabbit will become part of the tradition surrounding the university.

In the contest held during December 2008 and January 2009, the UC administration asked students, faculty and staff to submit their ideas for a mascot design. Twelve contestants submitted entries and a university committee decided on the top three ideas: the rabbit, submitted by the students listed above; a dolphin, sumitted by Sok Eng and Lach Bunthan; and the wild ox, submitted by Bandol Lim.

The rabbit won a landslide victory, receiving 494 out of 804 votes. The university will take the ideas of the
three winning students and have a logo rendered by a professional artist.

Source: UC Bulletin March 2009

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