Monday, August 1, 2011

Students conduct a 5S Training Workshop

By Nara Sokhema, with additional contributions from Associate Dean Gina Lopez

A group of University of Cambodia (UC) students organized a 5S training workshop for over 50 UC students on April 30, 2011. UC students Saya Molika, Ry Thany, and Nguon Chhayleang led the presentation on the 5S methodology. The event was hosted by the College of Management (CoM) and open to the UC community. Associate Professor Gina Lopez, Associate Dean of CoM, facilitated the training and delivered the opening remarks.

The 5S methodology stands for “Sort, Simplify, Sweep, Standardize, and Sustain” and is a Japanese practice that focuses on improvement of processes in different industries. The Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, with support from Japan, originally conducted the 5S trainings so that Cambodian employees could improve their awareness and ability to conduct their work in a more standardized, productive, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Following the student presentation, guest presenter Thai Vantha from Eurotech Quality Drinking Water Company discussed how 5S and Kaizen practices are implemented at the company and the results. He also answered questions from the training participants, allowing them to learn more about his company’s experiences implementing the 5S methodology.
Associate Dean Lopez and the three student presenters were trained in the 5S methodology at the 5S National Convention in January 2011. Hosted by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO) in coordination with the National Productivity Center of Cambodia (NPCC) under the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy, the convention aimed to inform manufacturing business and university students and lecturers about how to increase productivity and improve product quality of the agricultural and food manufacturing industries in Cambodia. 

After attending the convention, Associate Dean Lopez decided that the 5S approach should be shared with other UC students who did not join the training, which resulted in this training workshop. According to Associate Dean Lopez, the event provided information for students to “apply in their own lives and careers.”

“To us, it was a success,” said Molika. “Beginning with a small workshop for 50 students is a good step to help UC students [be] aware of what 5S is and start to practice it with their daily lives to improve efficiency and effectiveness. I have implemented the 5S to my room arrangement, and have seen the result that it is a lot easier for me to find things and saves a significant amount of time. In addition, I believe it is very useful for students of the College of Management to implement in their future workplace too.”

When asked whether her team has any plan to expand this training, Molika said they were happy to share more if the time allows.

Ky Sochet, a CoM student, said that he was quite impressed with the workshop. It was his first time to learn the 5S method and he found it easy to learn and very useful for work.

“Before, I thought having a good schedule and working hard was enough, but now I realize that I have to also use the 5S [method] to be more effective,” said Sochet.

He also suggested that there should be more guest speakers from other organizations to share their experiences in implementing this method, so that students can have a better understanding of how to use this approach in their work place.

The University would like to applaud the CoM and the three student presenters for hosting the training workshop, and actively supports knowledge sharing within its learning community.

Source: UC Bulletin June 2011, Page 9

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