Sunday, January 29, 2012

How Leaders should Build Relationships from the Bottom-ups

By Chen Reaksmey

Cambodian students have spent almost of their academic life interacting only with friends, professors and other people; When one among of them become a leader, thing will unexpectedly be changed especially the way they interact with each other in a hesitate manner to he or her employees and friends.

Ranking up from the Cleaners and Security Guard at the university, for example, they are the very basic relationship that all leaders should not miss, but have to focus. Those low ranking staffs spend more time talking and evaluating their leader, and people in the organization rather than the leader think of them. Despite their jobs are subordinated and low-income, their views are also worth to consider and because they have spent years to observe everyone and everywhere entire the organization.

After being a leader, he or she spends sometimes transition them to be more professionalism. The way they speak, eat, dress, walk and reaction. More importantly, they need to explain their friend well how to greeting each other in public and private lives. It will not affect both sides relation because being a leader it does not mean so special than other people.

H.E. Lim Chhiv Ho, one of the richest Cambodian businesswomen is a good example of being a respected leader to those who are below her, she treated her employees like one of her family who will work, think, and eat together, and this is her identity.

The above raise matters, is just few things that young leaders in Cambodia have paid less attention because they are too proud of their knowledge and high-class life in the city. It is a failure if they do not understand the art of creating peaceful and mutual respective environment among the staffs employed in the organization they are leading.

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