Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UCSS Officers Elected for 6th Mandate

By Chhay Daroth

The University of Cambodia Student Senate (UCSS) is a key student organization on campus whose goals are to serve the students, the University, and society. Every year, students elect new officers to lead the student organization. On December 31, the University of Cambodia (UC) hosted an election for the five officers of the 6th Mandate of UCSS in the UC Conference Center. The election was presided over by H.E. Dr. Kao Kim Hourn, President of UC and Adviser to Samdech Techo Prime Minister, and H.E. Samraing Kamsan, Member of the Board of Trustees and Secretary of State for the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. It was also attended by over 200 students and members of the UC management team, faculty, and staff.

The newly elected officers of the UCSS 6th Mandate
Bun Penghuy was elected as the President; Soy Ratana was elected as the Vice President for Administrative Affairs; Heav Sokserey was elected as the Vice President for Technical Affairs; Pen Socheata was elected as the Treasurer; and Meas Pisey was elected as the Secretary. These officers will serve a one-year term in 2012.

During his keynote address, Dr. Kao said that the election was important because it served to elect the new leaders who would represent UC students. Moreover, he added, the elected candidates would also represent UC.

Thirty students ran as candidates in the election: five for the President position, eight for the Vice President for Administrative Affairs position, five for the Vice President for Technical Affairs position, three for the Treasurer position, and nine for the Secretary position. Each candidate had three minutes to deliver a speech to the audience. Five of the candidates were absent during the election.

A total of 210 ballots were submitted, but only 184 ballots were recognized as valid. All ballots were tallied immediately at the front of the room, in the presence of the election committee and the candidates.

The 25 candidates who were not elected as officers were inducted as members of UCSS.

Chanty Pisal, the outgoing President of the UCSS 5th Mandate, congratulated Bun Penghuy, the newly elected UCSS President, after the election results were announced.
After recognizing the new officers and members of the UCSS 6th Mandate, H.E. Samraing Kamsan offered six useful recommendations to guide the new UCSS team toward success. The first was to always aim to be the leader and a winner, and the second was to do more than just talk. Next, he recommended that students be well-prepared and responsible. He also advised students to not waste time and to always do their best. Last, he advised students to work together to make their families, the community, and UC even stronger.

Bun Penghuy, the newly elected UCSS President, said he had decided to become a candidate because he wants to help promote UC as a leading higher educational institution in Cambodia and was encouraged by his lecturers and friends. He also issued a challenge to his classmates.

“Ask not what our university can do for us, but ask what we can do for our university,” he said, channeling a famous quote from the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

After the election, he encouraged UC students to become involved in UC activities because they will gain more experience, development their skills set, and build stronger networks. He also expressed his appreciation to UC students for their participation in the election and to UC for giving him opportunities to grow as a university student.

At the end of the program, H.E. Samraing Kamsan presented certificates of recognition and appreciation to the outgoing members of the UCSS 5th Mandate, who said they were very proud of what they accomplished in 2011 and are willing to assist and guide the new UCSS members. He also expressed his sincere appreciation for their hard work, commitment, and the contributions they made to the University and society.

UC would like to extend its gratitude to the members of the 5th Mandate of UCSS for their contributions to the UC community and for strengthening student leadership on campus. The University is also excited to support the initiatives of the new UCSS 6th Mandate and to see its contributions to UC students and the community.

Source: UC Bulletin December 2011, Page 22

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