Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Get the Most of University Educational?

Key Speaker: Professor Katherine Marshall
Former Vice President of World Bank and Professor at George Town University, USA

02 August 2011, University of Cambodia Conference Hall, Phnom Penh

Reported by: Nguon Lim
           There are 10 main points worth to understand and remember. Please take them into your hearts deeply and consider critically:

  1. Knowing how you learn things: Different people have different learning method. No one can tell you besides yourself. You need to reflect yourself and have your own self-awareness on your strengths, weaknesses, learning style, and especially develop your good habit of learning and studying.  
  2. Time Management: you need to know how you spend your time, and the time you are the most productive. You need to value time, and think about your goal and value. You need to write down your goal (long time, medium and short term goal). You should do To-Do-List and develop a discipline for yourself.
  3. People: Learn from people around you, and respect and learn from them (Group working). You need to put yourself in the other person shoes.
  4. Role model/ heroes: watch and think of those who are your heroes (Academic heroes) consciously and learn from them. Learn from the one you admire and also the one who makes mistakes since you can get experience from them.
  5. Be the solution solver but not the problem maker: do the work you need to have it done first before complaint.  
  6. Time to adventure: try out new things. You need to develop a sense of adventure.
  7. Being able to communicate: speaking and writing foreign languages is a big plus. Practice and get feedback to improve yourself. There is a must to have a clear presentation and public speaking skills.
  8. Learn from your mistake and your success: both mistake and success can grant you great experiences. Do not afraid to analyze and reflect yourself, and try to be open-minded as much as possible to get feedback from other. If someone comments on you, say “Thank you” and be happy to accept it and think it critically.
  9. Develop a sense of curiosity: go beyond the stereotype, and always think WHY.
  10. Develop habit of integrity: it is the principle of what you believe in and principle to live yourself.

  1. Be positive, adventure, communicable, and question.
  2. Learn how to learn something rather than just learn something, but better than learn nothing.
  3. How do you define your term of “Success”?
  4. Education system in the world: Asia is the good one (Singapore and Korea are nearly reach the top, but Finland is the best of all)
  5. Praise and give value to people.
  6. Positive attitude: you can help to make things better.
  7. If you listen without note taking, you can remember 10%; if you take note, you can remember 25%; if you re-read your note, you can remember 40%; if you tell those things to other, you can remember nearly 100%.
  8. In your reading, you need to develop a habit of asking “How” and “WHY”.
  9. Procrastination is our biggest enemy.

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