Saturday, May 26, 2012

UC Students join the New Program “Proverb and Life” on SEATV

By No Sophearith

“Proverb and Life” is a new program created by Southeast Asia Television (SEATV, Channel 31) that explains Khmer proverbs to Cambodians so they do not forget valuable learning lessons and wisdom passed down from their ancestors. It also aims to help Cambodians link these lessons to their everyday lives.

Four UC students (Leng Sotheary, No Sophearith, Mondoung Monirath, and Khov Ea Hai) were invited to join the program on November 4 to present and discuss two Khmer proverbs. The first proverb focused on preserving the country’s culture, while the second proverb cautioned people to take care before befriending just anyone.

Khmer proverbs are usually found posted on the walls of classrooms in most schools in Cambodia. Although Khmer students enjoy reading these, they may not know the meaning of the proverbs. This television program allows people to express and share their opinions about the meaning of the proverbs, and to link it to life today so they can see the difference between Khmer life in the past and Khmer life now.

Khmer people should not forget the meaning of Khmer proverbs, Sotheay said, but they need to make the proverbs relevant to their own lives.

“Khmer proverbs are not always completely right for today’s society due to globalization and the movement of culture,” she said. People should apply the good parts of the proverbs into their life and mix it with the new Cambodian culture so the country can continue to develop, she argued.
The “Proverb and Life” program broadcasts every Tuesday from 6:30 - 7:30 pm and every Thursday from 10:00 - 10:30 am on SEATV.

Source: UC Bulletin December 2011, Page 27

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