Sunday, July 24, 2011

Writing Alliance Helps Students to Polish Writing and Prepare for Future Careers

By Chrin Samvisal

To help students polish their writing and be involved in a challenging extracurricular activity, a group of volunteer students have established a volunteer student writing group known as the Writing Alliance. Since its initiation earlier this year, the group currently has 14 committed members, who have been energetically involved in writing articles.

Seng Dao Keo, Director of Office of the President and the UC Foundation, who initiated the creation of the group, said students should become involved in activities like this writing volunteer group because it provides them with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in a real-world context. It can also help them gain valuable skills for the workplace and build stronger relationships with peers.

“They can learn how to lead, think critically, communicate more effectively, manage their time, work in teams, and find creative solutions for problems, to name a few skills. These skills complement the academic skills they learn and enhance their competitiveness as university students and professionals in the workforce,” she added.

Nguon Setha, a member of the group who is majoring in English Literature, said he is involved in the group because he is interested in writing, but felt that he was not good at it. Becoming a member has helped him improve in this area.

“As soon as my writing skill is improved, whether in writing an article or a general essay. . .I will be able to teach other people or become a reporter,” he said.

After attending the group’s meetings for three months, he has seen great improvement.

“Before participating in the group, I did not know how to start the paragraph in an article. Now I am able to write articles, and I am pleased to share this knowledge with other students.”

San Boromiechan, another group member, said it is important and useful for her to write and publish articles. In addition to being beneficial for the University and the group, the experience can help her gain credibility when applying for a job or scholarship.

Boromiechan said she has learned about writing structures and editing procedures for an article, and that reporters should not be biased in their writing and should report only the truth.

Tim Vutha, a senior member of the group, said that the short-term goal of the group is focused on writing news articles and other pieces for the UC Bulletin.

Students can write about the events at the University, student perspectives or profiles, and other topics that are beneficial to the UC community. He continued to say that when the group becomes more mature, it hopes to help students with a larger range of writing services, including how to write personal statements, reports, and other types of writing that are essential for them.

“The group is going well, although we have some issues in the early stage. . .I believe that it will be sustained for the sake of Cambodian students,” he added.

Source: UC Bulletin June 2011, Page 19


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